The King Family

Rick King is a third generation Minister, Pastor, and Church Planter. Pastor Rick is also a Song Writer and Author. 

Cindy King is a Minister, Co-Pastor, Song Writer, Musician and Host of the Faith Springs Today Program. Cindy organizes and speaks at Women Conferences. If you would like for Cindy to speak for your group of any size, you can email her at: or use the Contact Form on this site.

The Kings have two sons; Jonathan Michael and Jason, who assist in ministry through Music and Public Relations. The King Family values the tradition of ministry that has been handed down to them for generations and have a true burden for the lost and hurting. Through the works of Faith Springs and Del Rio Ministries the Kings seek to bring the love of Jesus to the world.

Rick & Cindy King are the Pastors at

Life Church Mt Hood in Welches, Oregon.

Del Rio  Ministries

Faith Springs Ministries

Del Rio Ministries, Inc.

Faith Springs is a ministry of Del Rio Ministries and Rick and Cindy King. (Del Rio simply means, 'The River') Rick and Cindy King are the founders and Directors of Faith Springs.  

Life Connect 
Faith Springs

… Life will flourish wherever this water flows. (Ezekiel 47:9 NLT)


Faith Springs, and Faith Springs Today Media are a Christian Ministries dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world.  We believe that building a loving relationship with God and rejecting the bondage of sin and religion brings the abundant life that Jesus has made possible for us to have.

Faith Springs operates through Del Rio Ministries.Inc, Texas.